Monday, February 2, 2009

Pass the Sushi, Please!

Maya loves her new snack - edamame. I bought a giant bag of 100 calorie packs at Costco a couple of weeks ago... but I bought them for me! I decided to share a pack with Maya a couple of weeks ago, and apparently, these are a new favorite. They are fairly labor intensive, as they need to be shelled, and then I peel them each individually and break them in half. It's worth it though, since it's a very healthy snack, and it's so cute to see Maya loving her food. The funny thing about it, is that she especially enjoys eating them off of chopsticks! We have a couple of pairs of chopsticks for little ones, which are attached at the top (see photos below), so they are sort of spring loaded and easy to use. I think Maya is ready for a seaweed salad and a California roll, don't you?

"Whatcha got there, Mom?"

"Okay, I'll try it. Can I eat the chopsticks, too?"

"Um, this might be my favorite snack ever!"

"Bravo, Mommy! This was worth the shelling, peeling and splitting! Especially since I wasn't the one who had to do it!"

"Wait, that's it? I could really eat more..."


Brokenheartedangel said...

I'm Just stoping by cuz I'm bored......I don't know you but that little girl is so CUTE!!!!!!!!

gklein said...

I hope Grandma doesn't see those blue chopsticks or she'll make me buy her a set. Grandma and chopsticks have never been friends, but I bet that even she could learn to use those!! Then again, maybe not. -- Grampy

Alex and family said...

Where did you get the chopsticks? We totally need some of those! Alex loves edamame as well...yummy!