Friday, February 6, 2009

Seriously. I Like Food.

I don't have any photos today. I just don't. Maya is getting tougher and tougher to photograph these days, since she's always on the go. I guess there are plusses and minuses to her being able to run away from me! Anyway, today we decided to accompany Brooke, Nash, and Margot on an adventure to St. Charles. Did I mention it seemed to be about 65 degrees outside? Yeah, it was a perfect day. We walked up and down the main drag of historic St. Charles, stopping in a quilting shop with gorgeous fabrics (I only bought a yard, I swear), and at a really fun baby store. It was a really nice morning, and now Maya is fitfully napping, which seems odd, since she is probably sleepy from all that fresh air. Oh well. Anyway, I decided to post a video of Maya at breakfast-time, because she surely loves her yogurt every morning. She's not much for variety in the morning.

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