Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Valentine's Day Playdate.

This morning we went to our district early childhood center for a Valentine's Day celebration. There were a lot of kids there - probably about 50. There were all different tables, organized for little activities, like V-Day card making, place mat making, sensory activities, decorating graham crackers, matching and sorting games, and a little baby area for the wee ones. Maya spent most of her time on the mats, playing with the other babies, but she also made a card for Daddy. We had a great time. One of the best parts was our first ride in the new, big girl car seat! Maya seems really comfy in her new seat, and I think it'll be much easier than lugging that giant pumpkin seat in and out of the car. I will miss being able to take her in and out as one big package though. Oh well. I guess it all comes with growing up!

"My new friend, Sebastian, and I are playing on the mats. He's cute, huh?"

"What's in here?"

"Look at this Valentine's Day card! Isn't it silly?"

"Like my new car seat?"

"Daddy got these roses for Mommy. They accidentally came 4 days before Valentine's Day, but I can tell Mommy doesn't mind."

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