Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy James Day!

"Nice decor, Brook!"

"What's up, birthday boy?"

We spent this morning at James's second birthday party! I can't believe he's already 2! In just a few days, it'll be Maya's birth month, which is just absolutely unreal. Anyway, we had a great time playing with James and Keira's toys, because toys that belong to someone else are always better than our own, right? Right. Brook and Ben had done a great job decorating their house for the party, and they served giant cupcakes and yummy fruit as a morning snack. Maya really wore herself out, and couldn't even stay awake for the 5 minute ride home from their house. You always know it was a good party, when the guests fall asleep right after it's over! Happy birthday, James!
"Mommy, can I have a cupcake? Please? Okay, well, I'll just settle for a pille of corn then."

"Go James, go!"

"Keira, you and your daddy are so sweet together!"

"See Keira? We both love our daddies!"

"I'm so tired..."

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Brook said...

Thanks for sharing my big day with me! We had fun also. Thanks a ton for the great gifts, I love the Wedgits (dad and I have been playing with them all day)and can't wait to bust out the watercolors!