Friday, February 13, 2009

R.I.P. Cooperella Play Area

So, as I mentioned, we met Brook, James, and Keira at Cooperella for a quick drink and playdate this afternoon. It was a really nice way to break up the day, especially since Kevin won't be home tonight (he's on call). Anyway, there was a big sign on the wall, saying that Cooperella, a coffee house which normally has a separate room with a play area for kids, is under new ownership, and will soon change the play area into an art gallery. I am really bummed about this, since it is a really popular place for kids, and it attracts a ton of mommies and babies. Oh well. We'll have to scope out other kid friendly hotspots... Let me know if you know of any (um, don't forget that we live in St. Louis).
"This is what Mommy calls 'sharing.'"

"There are a lot of toys here. I'm sort of mesmerized."

"James is more coordinated than me - I admit it. He's almost 2 though, so he's got a few months on me."

"Mommy, why did you put strawberries on the table, and then leave Keira and me to stare at them? Please put them in my mouth. Now."


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Brook said...

The kids are so cute playing together. The pic of the strawberries must have been taken just moments before Krira threw the little piano across the table and onto the floor. Oh how quickly an adorable situation heads south :)