Monday, February 2, 2009

When can I get my Permit?

Maya loves Costco. I think it's mostly the fact that she gets to sit in the front of the cart and eat samples. On Saturday, she managed to have potato chips, a chunk of bagel and cream cheese, and a meatball. This was a big accomplishment, considering her week of food refusal. Anyway, we found this Cadillac Escalade while we were there looking for packing materials. Maya insisted on going for a drive.

"These boxes of Costco diapers are HUGE! Even big ol' me can fit inside!"

"Beep beep! Out of my way!"

"Is there any way I can move the seat forward? I can barely reach the wheel."

"Just backing up."

"Can we get this?"

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Auntie Nora said...

She looks so beautiful in her sweater!!!!!! I am so proud!!!