Friday, February 20, 2009

Open Action Room

This morning, Maya and I decided to go to a "Parents as Teachers" event at our local Early Childhood Center. Some of you may remember us going to an event for Valentine's Day a couple of weeks ago. This was the same idea, but a different type of event. It was a school gym, totally set up for kids, ages birth-3. They had all different things to climb on and over, balls, toys, walkers, mats, blocks, things to jump on and in, and lots of space to crawl and run. It happened to be right during Maya's nap time, so we didn't stay for all that long, but she had a great time. She crawled all over the place and played like crazy. She really wore herself out, and is now fast asleep, while I relax with my brand new Snuggie (thanks Grampy)!

"I'm having a blast!"

"I've never gone through a tunnel before, but this one looks awesome!"

"Mommy, can you help me walk over to those colored things? No? Okay. I'll try to do it myself..."

"I really worked off a lot of the massive dinner I ate last night!"

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