Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Friend for Maya.

Maya went to her second baby shower yesterday. Our friends, Mindy and Rich, are expecting a little bundle in the middle of September. You can barely tell that Mindy is pregnant in this photo, but she sure looks adorable! Just as we were about to leave the shower, Mindy told me that she had a little gift for Maya. What?!? This is your shower, Mindy! Not mine! But of course, Maya loves presents, so we graciously accepted. Mindy and Rich gave Maya the most adorable little snuggly (see photo), and it has her name on it! It's very similar to Doug (Maya's cuddle duck), but it's personalized, which I always love. Why do I love personalized things so much? How strange. Anyway, we are naming this snuggly, "Little Maya," since it says "Maya" on it. We'll have to figure out how to let Little Maya and Doug share the carseat equally. We don't want anyone to get jealous, do we?

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