Sunday, August 17, 2008

Maya Enjoys a Good Picnic.

Last night we went to a picnic at Forest Park with the anesthesia department. Some of you may be thinking, "A picnic with a bunch of anesthesiologists? Ugh. What could be more boring??" Well, suprise! It was a great time. It's funny, because usually the department is known for their monthly "Happy Hour" at a local bar, but this was so much better, considering the fact that almost everyone has children. Maya seemed to enjoy herself, and it was a beautiful day here in St. Lou, so I'm really glad we went.

"Thanks for letting me have a little suck, Mommy."

"I know I should eat this until I'm 8 months old, but a little slurp slurp can't hurt... Oh, and don't worry Mom - I'm going to spit up in about 30 seconds anyway."

"This was fun, but it's time for me to go home and get my rest."

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