Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun with Alex!

Yesterday was a very low key day for us. We spent the morning with Brooke, Nash, Ray, Brie, and Alex at the mall play area. After that, Maya and I came home so that she could take a nap in her crib. I'm not a big fan of napping in the car seat, since she doesn't seem to sleep very deeply there. After Maya woke up, we headed over to Brie's house for some playtime. Alex just celebrated his 1 year birthday, and he is such a big boy! He showed Maya how to play in the exersaucer, and he also showed her where her eyes, ears, and nose are located. He's a brainiac, and he walks like a pro. It's fun to go to other peoples' houses, because Maya likes to play with new toys.

"I love your exersaucer, Alex! Thanks for keeping it squeaky clean for me."

"Alex, where are my ears?"

"I need a break, Mommy. I've been playing hard!"


Beth said...

What a beautiful photo of Marji, Maya and Alex. The little guy is so adorable! I am glad that you and Maya, my beautiful nieces, have so many friends. You always seem to have places to go and things to see and if all else fails, there is always shopping!

Grammy said...

I love these pictures and I'm glad to see that Maya is hanging out with Red Sox fans. She's got good taste in friends.