Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thanks for your Comments!

"I like when you write to me!"


Grammy said...

I hope it doesn't get boring that I keep telling you I think you're a muffin. I hope you enjoy your sweet pots!

Mom said...

Hi Maya, my name is Carter and I just had to stop in to tell you that my mommy reads your blog every day. She has even told me that you are the cutest little girl she has ever seen. She said she found it when she was lurking on soulcysters, in the March mommies thread. I was born on March 28th but mommy wasn't due until April 14th so she stayed part of the April group. Anyways just wanted to let you know that mommy enjoys reading your blog. She says you have a much more exciting life then I do!

NASH said...

Maya can totally pull off the horizontal stripes :) Love the purple!

Maya B. said...

Hi Carter! I love your blog, too!