Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust??

Ever since Maya was a week old, she has occupied herself in the bouncy seat or the swing, in the bathroom, while I shower. We banished the swing to the basement about 2 months ago, since Maya had lost interest, and it was just taking up space. Yesterday, I was about to hop in the shower, so I asked Kevin (who was finishing up our unpacking) to strap Maya into the bouncy seat and bring her into the bathroom. I took a nice birthday shower, but when I got out, Maya seemed like she was about to roll out of the bouncy, and was quite distressed about not being able sit back. See photo below for details. I immediately blamed Kevin for not strapping her in, when I realized that he did, in fact, strap her in! So, do we need to get rid of the bouncy?? Oy. What will I do without my trusty bouncy seat?

"I prefer to sit on the floor."

"Am I really going to roll out of here?"

"Here's another view of me. How did I get into this position?"

"Check out my morning hairdo."


Brook said...

My advise- Banish it for now- it is dangerous, but don't get rid of it. It can make a re-appearance once Maya is a little older. James loves to sit in his (he crawls into it on his own and lounges) and read or watch a cartoon.

Beth said...

The polka dot background is lovely. It has great colors and yet is simple enough that it does not detract from the wonderful pictures of this beautiful little girl and her very attractive parents!