Monday, December 29, 2008

Bumps and Bruises

Oops. Yesterday, I was giving Maya a much needed manicure, and I may have accidentally clipped off the tip of her finger. She cried for about 5 seconds, but then got over it like a champ. I put a lovely bandaid on it, which she then proceeded to play with for hours, until she eventually pulled it off while we were at Costco. Speaking of Costco, Maya managed to eat ice cream, rice with chicken, and guacamole with a chicken and cheese Taquito. What an eater! Oh, and the night before, we went to Red Robin, and Maya tried her first burger, with french fries and ketchup. She even drank through a straw out of a kid's cup! It was amazing! I have to say - I don't want her to be a junk food addict, but it sure is fun to watch her enjoy a bowl of ice cream - even if the bowl is actually a teensy paper cup sample from Costco!

"I'm pouting because Mama cut my finger."

"Ouch, Mommy!"

"This flashlight is absolutely fascinating."

"Fun times, Mommy. Fun times."

"Mommy undid my diaper, and found out that I was hiding a Cheerio in there."


Amy said...

OMG Im dying at the Cheerio in the diaper! LOL Good thinkin, Maya!!!

Hope her finger is on the mend, too!!

Brook said...

Ouch! Hope Maya's finger get all better soon :)

Charlie said...

Ed did the same thing the first time he cut Charlie's nails! It has been my job ever since! We miss you and Maya.

gklein said...

I too keep my stash of food in strange places, Maya. For example, I am very glad that Grammy never opens up the printer to change the toner cartridge. It's amazing what you can fit in that printer besides paper!! I also don't let Grammy open up the box on the basement wall with all the circuit breakers. Plenty of room in there, too. Oh, Maya! There's so much I can teach you about hiding snacks!! It will be our secret! -- Grampy