Monday, December 22, 2008

Ciao for Now, Auntie Nora and Uncle Adam!

We drove Nora and Adam to the airport this morning for their flight back to Rhode Island. We loved having them here, and I think they really enjoyed spending time with Maya. They really haven't had a chance to spend more than a few hours with Maya at a time, and never one-on-one, so I was so happy to see them bonding.

Last night we all went to Mindy, Rich, and Corey's house for a celebration of the first night of Hanukkah, and Mindy's birthday. We had a great time. Coincidentally, as we walked into Mindy's house, another couple was right behind us. Once we all got inside, we realized that the other couple were friends of Nora's from college! Go figure. So Nora and Adam caught up with them all evening, and we met a lot of new friends. In another bizarre twist to the evening, one of Kevin's friends from college was there as well. It was like a reunion of East coasters, but in the Midwest! Oh, and in case you're wondering how Maya enjoyed her first night of Hanukkah, she thoroughly enjoyed it. She was a little afraid of the dogs at Mindy's house though. It was really funny. Every time they came near her, she screamed a very girly scream, and threw her hands up in the air. She definitely takes after her mommy!
"Don't even think about coming any closer.

"Good-bye Auntie Nora and Uncle Adam! It's been fun times!"

"Mommy, did you just take a tubby?"

"Just hangin' on the kitchen floor. This is the life."

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