Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yesterday, Kevin, Maya and I picked up Aryella and brought her home, where we played with Tyson and Bubbe (Aunt Karen). Aryella was a little sad, and missed her mommy a lot, but once she got home, she enjoyed playing with Maya and Tyson at the refrigerator. They took turns chatting and eating letter magnets. Jacob and Jaden got home a little later, and we had pizza and playtime until it was time for Maya to go to bed. She was exhausted from all that playing!

"Let's play!"

"High five, Aryella!"

"Tyson, we must have the same taste in letters."

"I love hanging out by the fridge - just like Mommy!"

"What is that over there, Tyson?"

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Brook said...

The babies are so cute! Looks like fun!