Thursday, December 11, 2008

Playgroup Fun

Today Maya and I went out to play at Brooke's house. It was friend-central! Brook and Brie were there with James, Keira, and Alex, and then Mindy and Corey, Jennifer and Katherine, and Tina and Dominic came over. We had a great time. Brooke was very Martha Stewart-esque, with her yummy treats for the grown ups and kids. Anyway, I think all the kids had a fun time, and it's always nice to see friends. Isn't it funny how kids love to play with toys that aren't their own? Anyway, this afternoon was a little less exciting. I accidentally locked myself out of the house, and ended up hanging out with our 85-year-old neighbors for an hour, until Kev got home. I got locked out for a pretty silly reason, which is way too complicated to go into. Oh well. Right now, Maya is playing with Kevin and Cat, her trusty Caterpillar friend. She loves Cat - especially when he talks to her in his high pitched "Cat voice."

"Mommy, one day you'll look back on this day, and the fact that we got locked out, and you'll laugh!"

"Hey Nash! Thanks for having us over!"

"Keira and I enjoy Nashy's toys. Thanks for sharing!"

"Corey, when you get to be my age, your mommy might let you play with these toys."

"I'm having a blast. Seriously."

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Brook said...

We had "good times" and look forward to more play soon :)