Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Little Sweet Tomato

In honor of Grammy's visit, Maya had her first dish of ice cream... well, frozen yogurt. We were at Sweet Tomatoes, which is apparently Maya's favorite dive. Anyway, I've tried to avoid giving her sweets, but this is just irresistible. Note: Very soon after this video was taken, I put the kabosh on the rest of the bowl of ice cream. After all, she'd already eaten veggies, mac and cheese, a potato, and some black bean soup. I guess she is her mommy's daughter...


gklein said...

Maya is her Grammy's granddaughter, too. Right down to banging on the table when she needs more ice cream. One gets used to it. -- Grampy

Beth said...

Just in case I have not said this before, Maya is absolutely beautiful! The frozen yogurt looked sooooo good and Maya seemed to be enjoying it so much, that I just wanted to jump into the video and take a BIG spoonful of Maya and the yogurt! Yum yum!!! Big kisses for that adorable muffin!