Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas!

Today is a funny day for us. We don't celebrate Christmas, so there isn't much to do. My family has always celebrated "Jewish Christmas," meaning that we go out for Chinese food and see a movie on Christmas Day. Now, with Maya around, we can't see a movie, and it doesn't appear that many (if any) Chinese restaurants are open here today. Sigh. Oh well. This morning Maya and I played, and I sewed her an apron while she tore apart a Shape magazine (yeah, that's right, we spit on dieting and exercise!). I made one for Alex a couple of weeks ago, so now Maya and Alex can match! Maya's doesn't fit her all that well, but it's cute anyway. I don't think she's ready to cook with me anyway, so I guess it was just for practice. Kevin is working today, and then he's off to Connecticut to visit his mom for a few days, so we said good-bye this morning, and we'll see him on Sunday. Fortunately... GRAMMY IS COMING!!! We are going to pick her up at the airport 1:45 this afternoon, and we can't wait. I am happy to report that Maya is healthy and happy today, so I know our visit with Grammy is going to be a hit!

"Merry Jewish and Non-Jewish Christmas!"

"I'm so thirsty..."

"Mommy, what should we do today?"

"I dig the apron, Mommy, but what are we baking?"

"Mommy, it looks even nicer just hanging from the doorknob..."

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gklein said...

Grampy is sad because he misses everybody. I know!! I'll take a nap!! -- Grampy