Saturday, December 13, 2008

Party Girl

We went to a holiday party at a friend's house last night. We were instructed to bring a potluck dish, and 2 gifts under $5 each. During the day, I made Asian pilaf salad, and I went to Target and snagged several fun items from the cheapy section, including Uno and several bottles of body scrub and lotion. We had a really nice time at the party - Michael always puts out a lovely, healthy spread of food, and all of the friends brought fun dishes to share. Maya ate like a queen. She had a cracker, cheese, bread, a strawberry, a piece of mango, yogurt, and some rice. Honestly, she wasn't very hungry this morning, so I think she might have still been in a food coma. What a cutie. Anyway, we missed "shabby gifts," which is really fun gift exchange game. We were sad to miss it, but it was already an hour past Maya's bedtime... She did terrific job staying happy throughout the party, but she definitely starts to lose it around 8pm. I hope she stops turning into a pumpkin at 8pm sometime soon...

"I'm having the best time ever!"

"I still like the exersaucer, even after all these months!"

"Mommy just took my piggy tails out, and this is what my hair looks like... yikes."

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