Friday, December 19, 2008

Party like a Rockstar

First of all, yesterday was Grammy's birthday, so we send a mega shout out to Grammy on her special day! In honor of her birthday, she got a snow day from school today. Happy birthday, Grammy!

Yesterday, Maya and I ventured out to Nash and Margot's house for our gift exchange with Brooke, Brook, and Brie. We had a great time. Brook gave Maya 3 adorable toys - a wooden clacker, a big puppet, and a glove puppet. She loves her new toys! Brooke and Brook also had a bunch of crafts ready for us. First we made macaroni/felt necklaces, and then the kiddos stamped their handprints/footprints on cardstock. After the second craft, and a bunch of snacks, Maya was ready to hit the road. She hadn't gotten a nap yet, so she fell asleep in the car, and then stayed asleep for an hour once we got home. When she woke up, it was time to get Nora and Adam from the airport. They were right on time, and we pulled up just as they were walking out. It was quite impressive. Anyway, since then, we've been doing lots of playing and partying.
"Mommy, I tried your macaroni necklace, and it did not taste good at all."

"I am so cool."

"I think I'd rather eat these glasses than wear them. Is that weird?"

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