Friday, December 5, 2008

Mom and Daddy are so popular!

Our first weekend home was so exhausting. We had a lot of friends at home for Thanksgiving, so we scrambled around, trying to see everyone before they went back home. This would have been much easier if Maya had been feeling well, but she wasn't herself, so our visits were a little fragile. Anyway, she's all better now, although last night she woke up in the middle of the night, screaming like crazy. We aren't sure why, and I was sure we'd see a tooth in the morning, but alas, no tooth... Oh well. She must have had a bad dream or something. She just wanted some loving from Mommy and Daddy. I'm hoping she has a peaceful night of sleep tonight, and that we're not starting the habit again...

"Mommy, please get me one of those teething giraffes. Eben is so lucky!"

"Tyson, you are such a guy's guy."

"Eben and I took our parents to Leo's for breakfast over the weekend. They gossiped about us the whole time. How rude."

"Thank you for sharing your toys, Ryan. You've got some high tech fun!"

"Thanks for coming out to visit us in the cold, Tegan and Shea! You're the best!"

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