Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy Baby.

We had a very busy morning today. We started out at school, where I took the very last of my belongings - a multicolored set of plastic drawers. I intended to leave them for the new teacher, but I've suddenly become crafty, and I need them for my workroom (a.k.a the guestroom/Kevin's study/my craft room). I'm using them to store my sewing materials. After our trip to school, we headed over to meet Brooke at Hancock Fabrics, where we bought what we needed to follow a pattern for making a sewing machine cover. This will be my first real project, and I can't wait to get some practice so I can make some baby clothes and other goodies. We had a low key afternoon. I kind of like this whole, "busy morning, slow afternoon" business. Works out well for us!

"I look just like Daddy. Well, at least in this picture..."

"You crack me up Mommy! Now go sew me a dress!"

"Sorry I was so bossy, Mommy. I love you."

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