Monday, July 28, 2008

Maya's Stats

We went to Maya's 4 month appointment with Dr. Putt Putt (a.k.a. Dr. Putnam) this morning. He said Maya is the cutest baby he's ever seen. Well, maybe I made that up, but still... Anyway, Maya is porkin' out at a whopping 11 pounds, 13.25 ounces. This puts her in the 14th percentile for weight. So, I guess "porkin' out" is sort of an exaggeration. She's also 22 inches long, or as I like to say - 2 inches away from 2 feet tall. Maybe she'll be a model! Anyway, Putt Putt said we can start her on rice cereal tonight. We can't wait. The poor thing got 4 shots today though, so hopefully she'll be feeling well enough to chow down....

"Mommy, you make me laugh with all your silly noises!"

"Leave me alone. I'm updating the blog."

"Look at the corduroys Mommy made me yesterday!"


gklein said...

That's a very respectable height and weight, Maya!! Not quite ready for the Olympic power-lifting team, but you'll get there! Start training, Maya! -- Grampy

Beth said...

Wow, quite impressive, Maya and Marji. Great gains for Maya and impressive sewing by Marji! Congratulations to my two precious nieces!

PhatKev said...

Those pants are amazing. You could get a job in China.