Friday, July 25, 2008

Hailey's Last Hurrah!

"I'm sleepy today."

"I may be sleepy today, but this bean bag isn't my crib. You can't fool me."

Jen and Hailey (and Ben, of course) are moving to Denver on Tuesday. Yesterday, we had a final "playdate" with Hailey and friends. We went to Brook's house for morning goodies, and playtime. We had a nice time together, although Maya and I left early because we had someone from "Parents as Teachers" coming to play with Maya. Anyway, it was fun times, and we'll miss Jen and Hailey. Especially the part where we swap stories at the mall over coffee. Sad...

"Mom! Let me go!"

"Where's my mommy?"

"Bye guys! We'll miss you!"

Charlie loves a good photo opp.

"I'm 6 days older and 6 days wiser than you Maya!"

"I'm playing alone, and I love it!"


Beth said...

All such beautiful babies, truly adorable!!!
Aunt Beth

Maya B. said...

Thanks Aunt Beth! We love your comments. Hope you had fun in the Berks!