Thursday, July 17, 2008

Will Maya be the next Top Chef??

Okay, I admit it - I love reality television (hiding my head in shame). One of my favorite shows is Top Chef, which is on Bravo. Unfortunately, I no longer have Bravo, but I managed to watch every episode imaginable of Top Chef, before losing my free preview. Anyway, I fell in love with the show, and was beside myself with excitement, when Brooke sent me a text message, showing me that the Top Chef Tour was coming to the brand new Whole Foods in St. Louis. So yesterday, we packed ourselves up (cameras and all), and made our way over to the new Whole Foods, in the 90 degree heat. Unfortunately, when we got there, we were greeted by 2 unexpected factors:

1. You needed tickets (free tickets - weird, eh?) to see the contestants do a food prep demo, on a large bus. Otherwise, you could watch it on a small plasma TV in the parking lot (remember - it was 90 degrees and muggy magoo).

2. There were only 2 contestants there - Dale and Josie. I barely remember Josie, and Dale was a great chef, but kind of the "jerk of the season." I didn't care much about either of them.

Needless to say, I was bummed. I took some photos of Dale, who managed to make some ridiculously goofy faces at Maya, and after we didn't get chosen off the waiting list to see the food prep show, we just went into Whole Foods and shopped. Sigh. It was pretty lame, but sort of fun nonetheless. Maya seemed to liked it. Especially when we rubbed ice cubes on her legs. She's a cutie, don't you think?

You like this hat we found at Whole Foods? I don't know if we should be covering up Maya's 'do...

Dale (Season 4 of Top Chef) makes faces at Maya.

The Top Chef bus had no room for us. Not even Maya's sweet face could have gotten us off that waiting list...

"I'm hatching my plan to become the next Top Chef!"


Debbie said...

Oh see I thought you meant the Dale who was on Season 3--the one who almost won...wasn't his name Dale too? I can't remember (he had the mohawk, part of the final 3). anyway you're right I would have been much less excited to see the Dale that you saw. He's from Chicago so I guess it makes sense he performed in MO since it's his part of the country. I'm still jealous though!

PhatKev said...

No actually Maya's thinking that I'm not going to watch lame shows when I get bigger. Only Star Trek.