Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Maya the Model

So, brilliant Brooke made a dress for her baby girl. It is so adorable, with little apples on it. Since her baby hasn't made an appearance yet, Maya modeled the dress. It was so cute. I want to make one, but so far, I'm only in the practicing stage. No dresses for me until I can cut in a straight line, right? Anyway, Nash and Maya hung out in the dog bed again today. He's such a good sharer. Maya and I also went to visit a local gym, to see if it was a contender for me. Unfortunately, I was totally put off by the babysitting situation. 15 kids at a time, with 2 babysitters! Yikes. No thanks. Maya is napping in her car seat now. She seems very sleepy today. I'm on my tip-toes so she doesn't wake up.

"It's nice sharing this bed with you Nash!"

"Brooke, your baby is so lucky to have such a pretty dress. These apples look so good, I might just eat them..."

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Brook said...

Marji, have you tried the YMCA? The daycare ratio is 2:12 and I have never seen more than 3 or 4 kids in there at a time, in fact James and Keira are usually the only ones there :) Good stuff.