Monday, October 13, 2008

Am I in the Jumperoo?

This morning, Maya ate plain yogurt (a new food, which she loves), mixed with pureed prunes. She ate so much I thought she might burst. Well, as it turns out... When we got home from the mall this afternoon, I suspected a dirty diaper. Well, I was right, to say the least. Grammy, who loves to change diapers (what??), took Maya into her room, laid her down on her changing table, and within about 30 seconds, she was calling out that she needed help. I knew what that meant. To make a long story short, Maya needed a full costume change. Here she is, halfway changed (pants only - one thing at a time!), playing in the Exersaucer. It seems like she is so used to the Jumperoo, she's getting confused...

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