Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Little Pumpkin...

Brook had a little Halloween shindig at her house yesterday, so that we could get the kiddos together for some costume time. As much as I loved the idea, it was about 85 degrees outside, and Maya's costume is basically a a heavy, furry sleeper with a hood. I knew it would be a challenge, so we put her in her Halloween outfit, and changed her into her costume once we got there. She was less than amused by the idea of being in a stuffy costume with a hood in this weather, so for a while, we had a cranky Maya on our hands. Oh well. We had a great time once Maya calmed down though. Brook filled the playroom with orange and black balloons filled with rice and popcorn, so they were like rattles. It was so cute. The kids played for a long time, throwing, eating, and popping balloons. After some chili, meatballs, apples, and cake, we headed home for Maya's bedtime.

"Let's go to the party, Mom!"

"It's hot in here, but I'm happy anyway... for now."

"I wonder if I can fit this balloon in my mouth..."

"Mommy, who is James supposed to be?"

"Keira, I like your sock monkey costume!"

"I'm very overwhelmed. Hold me, Mommy!"

"Can you even see me? Or am I camouflaged in this sea of balloons?"

"Don't throw it at me, Nash!"

"James your shirt is scaring me!"

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