Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maya's First Biscuit - Part I: What in the World is This??

You think she likes it? I'm not sure, and neither is she...


Beth said...

Oh, how very sweet,,,no pun intended! The videos almost made me feel as though I was having a visit with you and Maya! Only thing missing was the opportunity to actually give that sweetheart a big hug and kiss! She is so hard to resist!!!

Roz said...

Seeing Maya eat her first biscuit reminds me of a video a friend did of his toddler eating a Tootsie Roll Pop for the first time. The excitement on the little boys face when he licked enough of the candy to get to the tootsie roll center was incredible. These moments just can't be rehearsed it has to be spontaneous.

Keep on getting these firsts on video Maya will have many hours of fun viewing it when she get to about 5 or 6. Jessica and Ethan love to watch their baby videos. More video of Jessica than Ethan, but he doesn't seem to mind. The first always gets photographed more.

Give that sweet face a kiss from Aunt Rozzi