Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Last Time...

Okay, the title of this entry is way too morbid for the occasion. Today, we went for one last play date at the mall (at least for a while), with Brooke, Ray, Nash, Brooke's mom (Sylvia), and Brook, James, and Keira. Oh, and Maya. On Friday, we are headed to Disney World, and on Thursday night, Brooke is evicting little Baby Pratt #2. We were very excited to see her before the baby makes an appearance, but a little sad that we'll be away until Wednesday. Anyway, this morning was really fun, and now we're home, getting ready for the big trip. Maya can't decide which is better - a new baby in the playgroup, or Disney World...

"Can we share this water, Mommy? I'll eat the cap, and you can have the rest."

"I'm ready to go!"

"I can't wait to meet your liitle sis, Nashy. But I'll always be your Ya Ya."

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