Monday, October 27, 2008

Maya's playdate

Maya had a playdate at Cooperella this morning. We met Ayler and Susie, and Christina and Charlie for some coffee and playtime. I know Susie and Christina from school, and both of them are going back pretty soon, so it was time to get the babes together. This was our first time meeting Ayler, and she sure is a beauty. Her middle name is "Blue," which is very fitting for a girl with giant, beautiful blue eyes. Charlie is absolutely adorable too, and he has grown exponentially since the last time we saw him. He slept almost the whole time we were together, which makes me insanely jealous, since Maya isn't the best sleeper... After our date, we went to school to visit the teachers and some of the students. I miss school sometimes, but going there does reinforce my decision to stay home this year. There is nothing better than spending all day with my baby!

"I'm resting up for my big playdate!"

"The floor of Cooperella is not my friend. It's very hard..."

"I'm a drooling machine today."

"Charlie! Open those eyes!!! You look so adorable and toasty today!"

"Ayler, Can I have some of that?"

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gklein said...

Wow!! Grammy prepares for her playdates exactly the same way that Maya does. She immediately lies down and grabs her toes. Thus, it's apparently a family trait. I note that my preparation is somewhat similar, but I can't even see my toes much less grab onto them. (sigh!) Such is life. -- Grampy