Thursday, October 2, 2008

Maya, the Mobility Expert

Apparently, Maya is on the move lately. She's rolling around, climbing out of the Bumbo, and now this! She actually sat in the front of the shopping cart at Whole Foods yesterday! She had the time of her life, just looking around and playing with a bag of potato chips. I'm planning to make a cover for the cart though, because she likes to put her mouth on everything.

"I'll take the butternut squash, 4 sweet potatoes, and a pint of strawberries, please."

"This was so much fun, Mommy!"

This morning, we went to a toy train store. They sell kiddo train tracks and trains, but there are also model railroads for the kids to play with in the store. Maya watched the big boys for a while, and then I let her have a turn. She's still too small though. Anyway, it's fitting that Maya loved the train shop, since she's a girl on the move!

"That looks like fun. Can I have a turn? Pretty please?"

"Thanks, Mom! This is neat, but I'm too short, and my arms don't reach very far..."

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gklein said...

Amazingly, just the other day I, too, was playing with a full bag of potato chips. Then, over time, I realized that all I had was an EMPTY bag of chips!! I will never know what happened to those chips, but I did have a stomach ache that night. -- Grampy