Sunday, October 5, 2008


Yesterday, we visited the Godfrey, Illinois, "Corn Festival." Yes, it was as ridiculous as it sounds! The highlight of the festival was the corn maze, but other sights included a petting zoo, and a "Corn Crib," which was a giant sandbox, full of popcorn kernels. In addition, there were many food and drink vendors. It was really fun. We weren't as "lost" in the maze as we wanted to be, but it was good times anyway. Maya loves being carried around in the Bjorn, so she was happy as a clam. Oh, and on a totally different note, Maya had her first Costco sample today! She ate a little cup of strawberry yogurt, and loved it! Thanks Costco! Now you are Maya's favorite store too (that makes 3 of us)!

"Yum! Corn!"

"Mommy, please take me out of the stroller so I can enjoy the tractor pull."

"Dad, you are hilarious!"

"This is the best store ever! Mom, do we have stock in Costco?"


Beth said...

The photo of Maya with the worried expression is adorable. Was she concerned that she was not going to get a sample taste of the strawberry yogurt or perhaps not a big enough portion? She does have good taste in flavors!!!

Auntie Nora said...

I agree with Aunt Beth -- Maya does appear to be particularly worried... I hope you explained to her that this was not the last strawberry yogurt ever -- hopefully she'll have many yogurt opportunities in the future. Or maybe even a blueberry yogurt...