Friday, October 24, 2008

The Heat.

"What's that banging noise?"

"Dress me in toasty clothes, Mommy! It's cold outside!"

It's cold in St. Louis, so I turned on the heat. Maya is too little to use a blanket, so I figured that keeping the house at 72 degrees would keep her nice and warm. The thing is, the heat is making this weird banging noise in Maya's room. I mean, it's so loud, it's coming through the monitor, and it's like every couple of minutes. Hmmmm. Curious.


Brook said...

The noise is coming from "the ghosts". Anytime I hear an unexplained bump I simply blame it on "the ghosts". At least until Ben figures out what it is and "tries" to fix it, then I blame it on Ben.

tshaffpa33 said...

do you have forced hot water?

I know ours makes all kinds of noises until you bleed them out (get the air out)


Auntie Nora said...

It looks like Maya is dancing the Macarena!!!