Friday, October 3, 2008

A Happy and Healthy Baby

Today was Maya's 6 month check up with Dr. Putt Putt. I'd say overall, it went very well. In fact, the worst part was the 45 minute wait. Yeah, not such a fan of long waits with sick children all around. Yuck. Anyway, Maya did great today. She is a whopping 14 pounds, 13 ounces (and three quarters), and 25 inches long. This puts her in the 27th percentile for weight, and the 25th percentile for height. She is also in the 68th percentile for head circumference, indicating that she has a gigantic brain - just as we suspected! I talked to Dr. Putt Putt for a long time, about some of Maya's "digestive issues," as well as the fact that she's an insomniac baby. I got some good pointers from Putt Putt, so we're going to try them. Lastly, Maya got 4 vaccines, including a flu shot. She was very sad during the shots, but she recovered like a champ. We're home now, and getting ready for nap time, which I'm hoping will be outrageously long today. I'm in the market for a nap too...

"I'm in the 27th percentile! Top that!"


gklein said...

I've learned that I am in the 35th percentile for height and the 107th percentile for weight. Is that good? -- Grampy

Gabriellespace said...

what a trooper! I hope all goes well for gabby next wed when she gets her first shots =(