Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday, Margot!

So, while we were away in Orlando, Brooke, Ray, and Nash welcomed their new bundle into the world. We finally had a chance to meet Margot yesterday morning. It's hard to believe that Maya was ever that small. Holding Margot is like holding a stuffed animal - without the fur, of course. It's amazing. Brooke's parents have been here helping out, but they are leaving today to drive back to Virginia. Next up, Ray's mom comes for a visit. Nashy and Margot must be digging all the grandparent love. I know Maya loves it when the grands come for a visit. Anyway, we're home now, gearing up for the big Halloween party tomorrow morning. We need to rest up!

"My thumb is so good... so good..."

"What's going on, and who's that baby?"

"I'm so glad there's another girl baby in the playgroup!"

"Can I touch her, please? I'm neurotic about washing my hands - just like Mommy."

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