Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hey Little Pumpkin!

Grammy and Grampy have finally made their appearance. I'll tell you one thing - they love our little Maya. That's for sure. Today, we visited Rombach Pumpkin Farm. It was 85 degrees outside (um, yeah, in mid-October - ugh), and the pumpkin patch was hopping. Actually, it's not much of a pumpkin patch - it's more like a "pick out a pumpkin" area. There is a patch in the back, but it doesn't seem all that popular. They also have vendors and hayrides, and a little bouncy house that Maya is way too little for. Anyway, it was a great time. We bought a giant pumpkin for us, and a teeny tiny pumpkin for Maya. After pumpkin picking, we dropped off Grammy, Grampy, and Maya, and went to a movie. It was nice getting out with Kevin, but I definitely missed my little muffin. I think she missed us too. She was delighted when we got home!

"It's hot, and my hair is stuck to my forehead. Oy. The trials and tribulations of having lots of hair..."

"Mommy, please don't talk while you're feeding me. It's really annoying."

"That was really good milk, Mommy. Seriously."

"Mom? What is this thing? I'm so confused..."

"Thanks Rombach! Your pumpkin patch is good times!"

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Beth said...

Hi Maya, Marji, Kevin, Grammy and Grampy! It looks as though you are all having a wonderful time, even though it is a bit warmer than you would like! All the pumpkins seem to be doing very well, including Maya Pumpkin!!!