Monday, October 20, 2008

Tubby Time - Disney Style

"I'm going in!"

"Please don't let me go under the water, Mom!"

"Good times, Mom. Good times."

We came here having no idea how we would give Maya a bath. Fortunately, the sink in our room is the perfect size for her little body. She's a little confused though, and slid around like crazy. All in all, a success! By the way - we borrowed a cord from Brook and Ben, but we aren't sure we'll be able to do it again. Please stay tuned for more photos, but it may not happen until Thursday. We're trying though!

"Where's my blue tub?"

"Nevermind. This is better anyway!"

"That was so much fun, Mommy! Let's bathe in the sink every day!"


Auntie Nora said...

How wonderful! She is scary happy! Maybe she will be an olympic swimmer when she grows up!!!!!! thanks for the pics --i am must less devastated now.

Brook said...

This is interesting. I think that when Maya's hair is dry she looks like Marji. When her hair is wet, she looks like Kevin. She must just be a great mix of the two of you- that makes sense :)