Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What's the deal...

...with winter coats for babies? I am so confused, I don't even know what to do with myself. Maya tried on 2 buntings yesterday. Now, to me, it seems like this is the best option. She'd be warm head to toe, right? Well, the problem is, will she be hot in the car? Will it be easy to take on and off? Is it safe to wear something that bulky in the car seat (you aren't supposed to wear puffy, bulky clothes under car seat straps, for safety reasons)?

So anyway, the other options are a run of the mill winter coat, a Bundle-Me (a fleece car seat cover up), or a light fleece jacket. I think the Bundle-Me is out, because I don't really carry Maya around in the car seat if I can help it. It's too laborious and heavy. That said, I don't want her to be freezing when she gets in and out of the car. What to do? I'm at a loss...but doesn't she look cute, modeling these buntings?

"Um, this one says 6-9 months, but I think it might fit a newborn. It's so tight and my head doesn't even really fit into the hood!"

"Get me a fan, Mommy! This thing is hot!"


Amy said...

I cant help but laugh at that 2nd picture! She looks like she's got her head in one of those wooden cutout things you see at the fair LOL So funny!!!

Oh and Im with you - no clue on what to do for a coat! I didnt think it would be a problem living in FL, but DAMN its cold here this week!

Alex and family said...

So cute! We took Alex out in something like the 2nd picture (only blue) last Winter when we visited my parents in Steamboat, CO (there was 12 feet of snow). It kept him VERY warm and cozy. Maybe we will have a snowy winter here and Maya will be able to wear that cute outfit!

Brook said...

I don't know what to do either. I remember asking the car seat expert at Children's Hospital and she said no winter coat in the car seat- use a blanket or car seat cover. But that doesn't work if we don't carry the pumpkin seat everywhere. So I feel like Keira needs a coat, but then is she safe?? I need help also...Oh, last year I had James in a less bulky sweater coat with hood and covered his car seat with a blanket. I felt it was somewhat of a compromise. Oh, and I would warm the car before we got in, that worked well...Maybe I will do that again.