Friday, October 10, 2008

Sniff Sniff

Maya seems to have the sniffles today. It's no big shock, considering the fact that I just got over a cold. I feel bad for her, and wish that babies understood how to blow their noses. Fortunately, she's behaving just like a lady, and is happy camper today. I think we're going to stay in for the afternoon and rest. Grammy and Grampy are on their way, and we want to be in tip top shape for their arrival!

"Mommy, I think I might have a cold in my nose. Will you suck it out with the syringe, please?"


Beth said...

Maya looks so chipper for a little girl with a cold. What a honey! I hope Maya feels better so she is able to enjoy Grammy's and Grampy"s visit! Have fun!!!

Auntie Nora said...

how is maya b. feeling today? did grammy and grampy get in okay? send lots of pictures and videos!!!! uncie adam and auntie nora miss you all terribly!!!!!!